IMG_5435Be Daring! Be Bold! Be free! We definitely was in that mood when we put this mix prints outfit together lol. A staple in our wardrobe is African print. However this summer we have been wearing a lot of gingham and stripes. So we thought hmmm why not put these together? We came up with these two outfits  which we felt so good wearing and if we do say so ourselves look great in as well. Both outfits are available to purchase on our site The gaucho pants with pockets were just so comfortable and paired with this gingham top was the special touch. The wrap skirt which seems to be a huge trend this summer which also has went great with this gingham crop top. However, After getting dressed we both didn’t want to wear heels. We wanted to wear flats but something that stood out and these KedsxRiflepaperco floral footwear was the perfect shoes to go with it. We love this collection. The prints and styles are just amazing like always! If you haven’t seen the collection  already head over to Keds and check it out.





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