Exciting News

Hello Everyone,


Exciting news is we are now aunties! woo hoooo,  The holidays arrived early this year for us, and we are super elated to be blessed with an adorable, cute, precious boy name Ian. Transiting into auntie’s role is such an exciting journey in which of course we are willing to share with you all. We enjoy spending time with our nephew, watching him grow, and it has only been a week. One of our most asked questions is, “what is your must have items for babies?” As first time aunties, the mamaRoo from 4moms is a must have.


Ian (our nephew) loves it as much as we do. He loves being held in motion. His radar goes off when he feels as if he is being placed on a bed. In that case, the 4moms mamaRoo comes to the rescue. It is a smooth, calming transition from us to him. The mamaRoo has many movement, such as care ride, kangaroo, tree swing, wave and Ian’s favorite  which is the rockabye. Not only that but it also has calming sounds for Ian, which sets a peaceful mood, such as the ocean, heartbeat and many more. To top it off you can even connect your music to it.


Ian is only 7lbs at the moment, so he is currently using the infant seat. The color seen here is multi  plush however it is also available in black, silver, grey and a color known as designer.


Shop for the 4moms MamaRoo now at http://shop.4moms.com/shop-mamaroo


of course Ian is wearing kente print onsie by yours truly 🙂

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