DPipertwins Birthday!

Styled in new two piece bell sleeve set from our collection available online at www.dpipertwins.com


We are a tad bit late on this post being that our birthday was on April 8, but as the saying goes better late than never 🙂 Our huge party was on April 10, 2016 at Amoamang village. we surprised the families with gifts that were purchased from a portion of our sales made throughout the year. Amoamang Village was a place that our grand mother called home not because she is from there, but because she fell in love with the families there. She liked taking care of them and most importantly putting smiles on their faces. A few years ago our grandma passed. In effort to continue her legacy of spreading love and happiness, every year we throw a party in Amoamang. It was a fulfilled birthday Celebration. Cheers to our new year





The biggest surprise is that our family is building a five bedroom,five bathroom home here!A year later and it is almost complete

We told our daddy “Chuck your deuces up” lol


Day 1: Our Arrival


Our little pretty model,When she saw us she came out and striked the cutest pose



FullSizeRender-1 (1)
It was the longest 5 hour road trip but well worth it!Smiling while we took a break to relax from the long drive 🙂

Till next post


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