Dpipertwins heads over to Refinery29

Photo Credit: Michael Brown

The second we heard of Refinery29 10th year Anniversary, we had to mark our calendar’s to be sure to view the  #refinery29 rooms. We hopped into uber and headed over to Brooklyn.

Yes, you guessed it ! Twin Minnie’s for the minute, why not


Curious Chantelle…What do you see?
Prints galore! Prints are always IN, prints are totally WINning …Can you guess our favorite room? 🙂
Photo Credit: Liz deSousa
Ready to take a bite..yum yum
We finally received the ponies mom and dad promised us, can you see how excited we are..lol. It’s not exactly true but we thank Refinery29 for allowing us to live this moment with twin ponies
Flower Power
The End of the #refinery29 room exhibition…The Beginning..The continuation of your journey in life

Thank you Refinery29 staff for a wonderful experience. In light of the image above, we have made our dreams come true of becoming bloggers, models, and fashions designers. As part of their efforts to give back, we have raised funds for several non-profit organizations. We have also done charity fashion shows for sickle Cell Anemia organization SYNC, Nyaka Aids Orphans School and New Life Orphanage in Ghana. Annually, we use a portion of their sales to purchase toys, clothes, books and other supplies for organizations in need. Recently, we spent our birthday at the New Life Orphanage home in Ghana and New Years in a Village in Ghana where they gave numerous gifts to children. We hope to one day create  own non-profit organization to help further their goal of bringing smiles to the faces of people globally through the joy of fashion.

Thank you for living this experience through our blog. Shop for our looks now at Dpipertwins.com



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