DPipertwins London street Style

image London is absolutely lovely . Upon our arrival,our fingers were crossed hoping for beautiful sunny weather throughout our visit. We spoke it into existence because sunny beautiful weather is exactly what we received. We stayed in the heart of London at the Corinithia hotel, where we were able to step out and enjoy the view of the Big Ben, London eye and within a few blocks parade around in Trafalgar Square where we watched a live band.image

We wore our newest released dresses, strappy nude sandals and explored London. Our printed dresses was a BIG hit. We were constantly  stopped complimented on our looks. Strangers insisted on taking pictures with us. Shop for these fab dresses at http://www.DPiperTwins.com image

One Comment Add yours

  1. when i was in london I definitely took photos with the booths! haha

    check out my outfit & share your thoughts? 🙂


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