“Itworks” Skincare


Upon our arrival to the states,we had cocoa butter smooth golden brown skin. There wasn’t a place we went to where we didn’t receive a constant reminder of how flawless our skin was from strangers. Adjusting to a different  country, lifestyle, foods, location, and approaching puberty definitely affects skin and affected ours. We tried countless of many products….you name it, we have used it. We even visited numerous dermotologist. We are thankful our skin is back on track and we can now walk out feeling confident and content without makeup . However from time to time we do experience minor break outs and like to change up our facial regime by testing new products.

Our cousin Candica insisted we try this brand that she markets called “Itworks“. We recently signed up as a loyal customers which gave us a discount on our order. We are super stoked about trying the facial wash. Even though we are twins, we have two different skin types and will share with you our experience on how it worked on oily and normal skin on our upcoming post.

If you are familiar with “Itworks” or would like to get familiar  by shopping their products feel free to click on the link. Candica Weekes will provide you with outstanding services to meet your needs.Happy Shopping 🙂

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  1. ashi says:

    Lovely blog there! Do check out mine – http://www.jhallidiva.wordpress.com 🙂


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