Prints On Prints on Prints

imageAs you all know, I  have an infatuation with printed skirts.Today was such a busy day. I had a meeting and one of our close friends from college was in town. If you are like me, If I have a meeting during the day I will not go out after unless I have time to rush home and change my clothes to evening attire. .However that wasn’t the case and there was no way I was getting out of seeing my friend since we haven’t seen each other in forever .Thankfully,  my line of business is fashion so my meeting outfits are not so corporate and I must say this pencil skirt that we just released saved my life ! lol.I wore it to the meeting just like the model is in the image above except with black pumps and tailored blazer.Once the meeting ended I dashed out changed to my cute black  strappy valentino sandals, took off the blazer and put on a necklace, a few rings and met with my friend at Blue Water Grill in the city. Needless to say I had a fun night out and I was glad I didn’t have to go home and change.Shop for this pencil skirt at

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