Dpipertwins Midi Skirts

aimeeAs the warm weather heats up here in NYC we can’t help but pack away all of our pants and pull out our shorts,skirts and dresses.Lately our favorite style skirts that we have been wearing is our Midi Skirts.We just debuted some on our website at www.dpipertwins.com,which retails for only $90.00.What we love about this skirt is the print,the cut and for people like us that love pockets it has two side pockets!Below are images of one of the many Midi skirts that we love.Shop for this look and more at http://www.dpipertwins.com.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. aronnejang says:

    I love the print of your dress!! Very unique and stylish!



  2. LOVE your midi skirt! its such a pretty print!

    Pls check out my outfit & share your thoughts! 🙂


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