Holiday back home

Yay! Glat to be back and have a nice welcome home from these lovely children
NYE at Labadi beach


“HOW WE SPENT OUR NEW YEARS” We threw a holiday party for over 60 kids in Amoamang village in which we surprised them with gifts. Amoamang village was a place that our grandma called home although she wasn’t from there. When she came to visit us in Accra our parents welcomed her with open arms providing her with all she needed and desired.However she always felt the need to go back to help the families.She always left with whatever her hands can carry.Five years ago our grandma passed at the age of 100.We make it our duty to always return home and visit Amoamang on every trip to Ghana.On New Years we decided to continue her legacy of giving love and happiness to the village like she always did.Right now we know our grandma is staring down upon us and those who have supported our journey from friends to family, photographers,models, writers, clients, Mua and the list goes on saying “Medaase”( Means Thank you in twi).Thanks you everyone and our friend Junior for helping us pull this surprise.

Twin Santas
In addition to a holiday party and surprising the kids with gifts at Amoamang, our family is building a home for the families so they have access to proper restrooms, running water and electricity at all times


Happy New Year everyone, Dpipertwins, Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper

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  1. holyholyray says:

    God bless you both abundantly


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