Dpipertwins on ABC “The Chew”

                                                       Dpipertwins appear on  ABC “The Chew”

WOW! We he had such an amazing time on the TV show “The Chew”.We are huge fans of” the chew” show. It is a very entertaining  cooking daytime show, so to appear on it for the second time was exciting.Not only did we appear on it but we did so in style wearing the ‘ShantiOrange” blouse from our collection.We definitely have the best of both worlds as models and designers.The first time we appeared on it was for a fashion segment however this time it was a competition segment in which we were both given fruits,vegetables,sauces and we had to guess which items belong in the fridge and which items people shouldn’t put in the fridge.Whoever won was rewarded with a signed copy of their book.Danielle won the competition,however we both went home as TWINNERS because we were both given a book.Overall it was a fun filled must see segment!

DpipertwinsDanielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-PiperDpipertwinsDpipertwins                           Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper||Dpipertwins||                                 http://www.Dpipertwins.com

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